Alazd Events Management has independent management team to organize fairs and conferences of governmental entities, official organizations and large corporates. It aims to offer full and comprehensive spectrum of services that include the following:


Organizing fairs, conferences and seminars & managing it

Alazd Events Management has a special section for supplies works along with expert and skillful technical cadre. We specialize in arranging exhibition stages with logistic services and state-of-the-art designs, set-up stages with finest lighting systems, audio and visual systems, signboards, marketing board and insuring fairs and conferences locations.

Marketing Management

Alazd Events Management is prominent company in marketing management; it offer services with creative ideas in management of events and electronic media. Our objective is to direct individual and joint efforts through conscious talents that aspire to succeed.


Catering & Entertainment Services

Whether you are having a themed romantic wedding reception, a corporate gathering, a family reunion, or graduation party, Alazd Events Management have exceptional level of services, we make every event unique experience and truly worthwhile. Apart from serving diverse sumptuous dishes, we also provide a charming classy and elegant atmosphere to the event. We supply all sorts of cakes with special designs that fit every occasion, and we supply tables’ accessories, decorations, food menus and friendly staff.

Photography of Parties & Special Occasions

Alazd Events Management has a team of Professional Photographers that offer unique signature style while dealing with all occasions in a professional way. We use the most modern digital cameras, cutting-edge technology, in photography or videography, with exceptional and different style.


Folk performance shows

Alazd Events Management is keen to present artistic portraits and folklore arts with diverse songs and local dances from the UAE, GCC and Arab countries reaching all countries of the world with attractive proficiency associated with various social and national events of the UAE and abroad.

Conducting artistic & cultural shows & exhibitions

Alazd Events Management strives to convey a message of peace, forgiveness and human fraternity from the UAE to the World through partnerships with leading cultural and literature institutions and festivals around the world.


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